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William McClung

Appalachian Frontiersman

Inside Greenbrier Valley Magazine Review.  This book and "Thomas McClung at the Battle of Point Pleasant have been inducted into the Library of Congress in Washington, DC.

Ghost of Greenbrier County

Granny Sue's Views and Reviews

This well written collection (has a) haunting, compelling quality, and (readers) will find themselves looking over their shoulders and moving just a little faster should they pass through Greenbrier County late at night

"Chihuahuas" provides a charming overview of the breed for owners as well as potential owners. In addition, the book is full of gorgeous full color original paintings of Chihuahuas, created by award winning artist Misty Murray Walkup.

Ghost in a Jar Review

This is an awesome book, and once I picked it up I could not put it down. If you like true paranormal stories, then definitely get this book!!!!!!!!

Appalachian Folklore:

Omens, Signs and Superstitions

(Now available at Tamarack in WV.)

This book is being used at WV medical seminars to educate doctors coming to the state about the culture and mores of the Appalachian people.

"Appalachian Folklore" explores the historical and cultural evolution of the pioneers who first ventured into the Appalachia Mountains. It includes a brief history of Appalachia, as well as hundreds of whimsical superstitions, omens and folk cures that were practiced by the early settlers and the Native Americans who inhabited the territory.

The Akita Breed Book

Hoflin Publishing

A well written, thought provoking book that takes an in depth looks at the Akita Breed. With all the beautiful, one of a kind illustrations (64 frameable prints), Akita fanciers will be wanting two of these books; one from which to display the wonderful prints and another to keep intact to be added to their Akita library. With its unique form of publication, this book is every bit as much an Akita art book as it is an Akita breed book.

Abraham Vandal
Soldier of the American Revolution


The 'National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution' approved the book "Abraham Vandal - Soldier of the American Revolution" as the historical biography of Abraham Vandal, who fought under the command of General George Washington at the Battles of Long Island and White Plains. It was inducted into the Son's of the American Revolution National Library in Louisville, Kentucky, and into the Library of Congress in Washington, DC. 

Literacy Night at the Middle School


Nancy Richmond Awarded Artist of the Month Title